Give your children the best possible start in life

The first three years are the most critical time in a child’s development and a strong parent-child attachment during this time is crucial for healthy development. Make the Connection is a program for parents/caregivers with infants from birth to 3-year-olds. Developed using psychological science, this program promotes secure attachment and brain development, giving you the tools to support emotional growth and healthy parent-child relationships.


We are Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada (SMSKPC), a new brand from the Psychology Foundation of Canada.  We are a national registered charity with a mission to help kids build a solid foundation of mental health before problems or issues begin.

In just a couple of hours…

You will learn how to interact with your baby in ways that promote secure attachment, communication, and brain development by:
  • Hearing from our child psychologist
  • Discovering our 7 pillars of attachment
  • Listening to stories from other parents/caregivers
  • Acquiring strategies to help you form that secure bond with your baby
  • Doing fun activities to create that loving connection with your child

The Research Basis of Make the Connection

Make the Connection is based on theories and research relating to attachment, prevention, and language development.